FourKites announces supply chain visibility partnership with 3T

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Supply chain visibility platform FourKites has announced a deal that will see its carrier data used to enhance 3T’s global digital transport platform.

FourKites announces supply chain visibility partnership with 3T
Photo: FourKItes press materials

3T is a UK-based global SaaS digital transport platform provider whose cloud-based platform provides a shipper/carrier ecosystem with functionality including transport assignment, rate management and tendering, as well as automatic carrier allocation.

The company’s offering also facilitates supply chain collaboration by enabling AI-driven dynamic planning and execution across multiple accounts, harnessing real-time data to reduce empty running of vehicles.

Commenting on the deal with FourKites, Rob Hutton, Group Sales and Marketing Director at 3T, said:

“FourKites’ broad coverage of carriers in Europe allows us to give our customers a more comprehensive shipment visibility offering as part of our digital transport management software. That gives them more flexibility in the carriers they can work with, keeping both costs and carbon emissions down.”

Marc Boileau, Senior VP of Sales and Carrier Operations at FourKites Europe, added:

“Giving 3T customers access to FourKites data will allow them to make better decisions, optimising the way they use carriers. That has cost benefits for them, it improves their service to customers with almost no administrative work required, and it gives them the most accurate estimated times of arrival available in the market today. We are thrilled to be working together with the 3T team to better support their customer base. We see a huge efficiency opportunity for both shippers and carriers by using data to identify and reduce empty running across the industry. This will be essential to meet our collective environmental targets, and it’s why this partnership is so exciting for us.”

According to FourKites, the access to data is just one aspect of the improved planning shippers can achieve via the 3T-FourKites partnership.

“You’re likely to get a good price by placing a shipment on an empty running truck. But carriers have fewer empty runs, too, so they see driver productivity improve. It’s win-win. The better your visibility, the better you can plan to optimise your transport, ” stresses Boileau.

In a separate statement issued earlier this week, FourKites also announced a new unified customer interface that represents “a major platform upgrade that enables organizations to more easily leverage critical supply chain visibility data across their enterprise.”

The new release creates seamless integration between real-time transportation visibility and facility-specific data — across all modes. FourKites’ Founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal described the new unified customer interface as a “major step toward helping large enterprises leverage supply chain visibility across their business.”

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