FourKites responds to reports concerning Haven and layoffs as it launches new Unified Customer Interface

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Supply Chain visibility provider FourKites has responded to reports regarding layoffs and the situation concerning Haven, which the company acquired in April 2021.

FourKites responds to reports concerning Haven and layoffs as it launches new Unified Customer Interface
Photo by Paul Teysen on Unsplash

In an article published by FreightWaves just over a fortnight ago, which was referenced by Trans.INFO, it was reported that FourKites would be ‘sunsetting’ the Haven document management platform.

In response to this report, FourKites has made the following statement:

“Regarding Haven, we are not sunsetting or dismantling the entire document management module. Rather, we have consolidated the document storing and management modules from Haven into our core Dynamic Ocean platform, and it is an extremely valuable component of the platform for our customers. These features continue to differentiate us in the market.”

“We are sunsetting very specific modules that were originally built for a few legacy Haven customers. Those specific modules are highly customized to those customers, and are simply not scalable or viewed as relevant to the market as a whole.”

Yesterday, Trans.INFO sources also learned of claims that some 50 Europe-based staff would be leaving FourKites. A spokesperson for FourKites has said this number is “quite off”.

The spokesperson added: “the layoffs impacted 8% of its global staff”.

The FourKites website states the company has over 780 employees worldwide. Provided the figure has not been updated to reflect those layoffs, it thus appears that just over 60 persons have been made redundant by the company.

The news comes after a document filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed that FourKites had raised $30 million as part of a Series D-1 financing round.

The company has also today unveiled a major platform upgrade that it says “enables organisations to more easily leverage critical supply chain visibility data across their enterprise.”

FourKites states that the new release “creates seamless integration between real-time transportation visibility and facility-specific data — across all modes — providing actionable insights that drive efficiencies and prevent disruptions across the end-to-end supply chain.”

“With these latest enhancements, data automatically syncs between the platform’s real-time transportation tracking, Appointment Manager and Dynamic Yard applications to deliver faster, more contextualised multimodal insights that drive ROI across all teams,” says the supply chain visibility provider.

The company has listed the following as being examples of these actionable insights include:

  • Transportation managers can reprioritise schedules in advance based on appointment times displayed alongside the shipment’s corresponding ETA
  • Warehouse leaders can automatically check in and check out freight arriving at a point with geofence tracking, enabling accurate record-keeping of facility operations
  • Supply chain executives can accurately track landed costs for shipments in one single view, including multimodal detention charges, ocean demurrage, transloading and facility dwell
  • Inventory planners have a full view of on-hand and in-transit inventory to better plan production schedules, or outbound cuts to reduce penalties and eliminate expedites
  • Supply chain and warehouse executives can optimise facility schedules based on ocean port of call ETAs to ensure the fastest throughput of ocean containers and minimise truckload traffic

FourKites claims these improvements give users across the enterprise “easy access to the critical supply chain information they need to drive faster resolutions, proactively manage exceptions, and provide better reporting to their supply chain partners.”

Commenting on the launch, FourKites’ Founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal said:

“Today represents a major step toward helping large enterprises leverage supply chain visibility across their business. We have customers with hundreds and thousands of users, so as we continue to drive innovation in the industry, we remain focused on maximising usability and value for our customers. Giving them the ability to see all of their data tightly integrated and automated in one platform, across all modes and geographies, is the best way to ensure ROI.”

Photo by Paul Teysen on Unsplash

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