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GXO Logistics and Mars renew longstanding partnership in France

GXO Logistics announced the renewal of its 15-year partnership with Mars, a major consumer packaged goods company, in France.

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The agreement extends GXO’s management of storage, distribution, returns, and value-added services for a range of Mars brands across its Pet Nutrition, Snacking, and Food & Nutrition segments.

Rui Marques, Managing Director, France, for GXO, highlighted the focus on automation to enhance efficiency:

We’ve been leveraging our industry-leading automation expertise to help Mars transform its supply chain, and we’re excited to expand the deployment of automated solutions for further improvements.

GXO’s warehouse in Boigny-sur-Bionne, France, has utilised advanced automation since 2018, including a robotic layer picker capable of preparing up to 60,000 packages daily. The renewed contract allows for the integration of new product lines into the robot’s system, further optimising and increasing package handling capacity. Additionally, the facility uses ergonomic scanners and e-beacon technology to streamline operations.