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UK opens online info hub for foreign hauliers

The UK government has launched an info hub for foreign hauliers to help them get border-ready. The site is available in 17 languages and offers detailed guidance on administrative and other requirements from pre-journey to post-border crossing.

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More than a month has passed since the latest addition to the post-Brexit border crossing requirements entered into force. Many hauliers have learned by now what to do to move goods across EU-GB border successfully, but to help with the current rules and future changes, the UK government has just launched an info hub for foreign hauliers.

The site is available in 16 languages apart from English – Welsh, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Russian, Portugal, Slovenian and Ukrainian.

Dates for upcoming changes to international haulage in 2022 has earned a highlighted place on the site, and they are available in a printable pdf version too.

While it could be useful to learn about the upcoming deadlines in the haulier’s mother tongue, when you click on a given item, the page is available only in English.

Regardless, the main attraction of the site is the rolling menu where hauliers can choose the direction of transportation to get more details on the administration and other requirements needed, and that is available in all 16 languages.

Once the haulier chooses whether they want to transport goods to or from the UK, the site leads them to a page that lists the different tasks the hauliers need to carry out before the journey, when picking up goods, at the border (different guidance for the British and the EU borders), and after leaving the border. This site is available in all 16 languages listed above.

The aforementioned stages of transportation are all clickable and each title leads to a detailed tutorial about the documentation, regulations, online systems and such.

Hauliers can also have the option to chat with an operator in English, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian or Hungarian.

You can find the “Transporting goods to and from the EU” site here.