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Krone introduces dry box swap body with rugged, user-friendly design

German commercial vehicle manufacturer Krone has launched a new generation of swap bodies, the "Krone Dry Box." This steel smooth-wall design incorporates ten key improvements focused on enhanced durability and user-friendliness.

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The Dry Box prioritises protecting the cargo and the swap body itself. The front wall design allows for additional clearance during cornering manoeuvres, minimising potential damage. Additionally, a reinforced collision guard and redesigned embossing on the front and side rails offer increased overall stability and better protection for any stickers or markings applied to the exterior.

Stability is further enhanced by extending the rear and front corner stanchions down to the floor. User-friendliness receives an upgrade with a more accessible support leg release mechanism that can now be operated from the outside and features a rubber coating for better grip. The ladder safety catch has also been redesigned with a spring plate for easier operation.

Krone has not neglected the interior of the Dry Box. The substructure tunnel width has been increased to 100 millimetres, and a new scuff plate with optional lashing points has been introduced.

The Krone Dry Box has been in production since February 2024. The press release emphasizes Krone’s position as a leading manufacturer of swap bodies, highlighting the product’s modular design that allows for customisation based on specific needs. For instance, a railway-compatible roller shutter at the rear can be incorporated to facilitate faster loading cycles.