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The carrier whose truck was found to have an incorrect, analogue tachograph installed may face as much as 2,250 euros in penalties. And only two years ago the company used the right device.

It was a routine check. A patrol of the Polish Road Transport Inspectorate (ITD) stopped a truck with a wrong tachograph installed in its cabin. The unauthorised replacement of the device was carried out in the last two years, as revealed by the tachograph service plate attached to the door. It indicated that as early as August 2018, the workshop was checking the correct digital device.

This illegal replacement may prove to be extremely costly for the carrier. According to ITD, the entrepreneur will now be subject to administrative proceedings. He faces a fine of PLN 10,000 (approx 2,250 euros).

Photo: GITD

And this is not the first time this law has been violated recently. Also at the end of August, ITD officers caught a carrier who had replaced its tachograph for an analogue one. In addition, he did the same in another of his trucks a few years earlier. An administrative procedure has also been initiated against him. He faces not only a fine, but also a loss of reputation and, as a result, of transport licences.

As a reminder, trucks that were first put into service on 1 May 2006 must be equipped with digital tachographs. In turn, the more recent ones, put into service from 1 October 2012, should be equipped with digital tachographs with the function of recording a second independent speed signal, according to the Inspectorate.

Meanwhile, the unlucky vehicle was first registered only six years ago.

Photos: GTID


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