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Michelin teams up with sennder t...

Michelin teams up with sennder to find ways to cut road freight costs

Michelin teams up with sennder to find ways to cut road freight costs

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Gregor Gowans

Gregor Gowans

Journalist Trans.INFO


Michelin teams up with sennder to find ways to cut road freight costs

Michelin and sennder have agreed a long term partnership to provide fleets with services that make road freight more cost effective and less carbon intensive.

sennder says the partnership will give its carriers customized access to a suite of Michelin tires that are low-rolling resistance, saving fuel consumption in the process. This will increase tire mileage, and in turn, make journeys more cost-effective and sustainable.

As part of the partnership, Michelin is working to provide sennder carriers with access to its retreading services that replace the tire tread and recycle the casing. The move is designed to reduce waste and make tires increasingly cost-effective.

sennder and Michelin’s collaboration will initially focus on Northern Europe and Iberia, with plans to scale it across other European markets throughout 2021.

Philip Cordes, Michelin’s Vice President Marketing B2B Europe North, says the agreement will allow both parties to “explore new, innovative avenues”:

“We attach great importance to digital mobility and fleet solutions. In Europe alone, we have 1,000 staff members working on the digital Michelin Services & Solutions portfolio. We are therefore looking forward to working with sennder to explore new, innovative avenues.”

Meanwhile, Franck Marcaire, Head of Value Added Services at sennder, believes the innovation-focused partnership will benefit both shippers and carriers:

Our partnership with Michelin is focused on innovation that makes European road freight fit for a sustainable future, benefiting carriers and shippers alike. In addition to sennder’s fast payment terms and exclusive fuel cards, our carriers now have access to premium Michelin tires and services, through a hassle-free process. Michelin’s retreading services and low rolling resistance tires fit perfectly alongside sennder’s digital logistics offer that we have built around data and low-carbon fuels.

Photo credit: sennder

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