Migrants hiding in lorries are bypassing the border detection systems. New technology needed

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Migrants hiding in lorries are bypassing the border detection systems. New technology needed

The current scanners used by the Border Force officers are not enough to fight the increasingly advanced methods used by gangs to smuggle migrants in lorries bound for the UK. The government appealed to high-tech companies to come up with a solution.

The Home Office informed that migrants are finding new ways to cheat the system which detects humans in trailers, informs the Telegraph.co.uk. The current technology captures a digital image of the radiation the human body emits. Although the authorities do not provide the details on how the gangs that smuggle people bypass the detectors, the recent appeal shows that the system in place is failing.

The authority requires a next generation fast screening technological solution to screen between 200 to 250 freight vehicles per hour which is capable of responding to changing patterns on concealment where persons illegally stowed are increasingly hidden deeper within trailer loads,” reads the document sent to high-tech companies by the Home Office.

First Calais, now Ouistreham

Migrants are not only finding new ways to hide in trailers. They also spread into new ports, where they feel more at ease to “catch a ride” because the security measures are not as tight as they are in Calais.

Last month the Road Haulage Association (RHA) informed about the attacks on truck drivers in the Caen area and at the port of Ouistreham. The organization appealed to the authorities in France to intervene. RHA members report that dozens of refugees are occupying the side of the access road, waiting for the opportunity to break into the truck.

Since the Calais Jungle was closed in 2016, migrants, with the sole intention of reaching the UK by whatever means possible, are now focusing their attention on another coastal weak point, the town of Ouistreham,” says Richard Burnett, president of RHA.

56,000 illegal migrants seized in 2013

Every 10 minutes migrants were caught trying to cross the border to the UK last year according to information revealed thanks to a Freedom of Information request, reports the Telegraph.co.uk. In 2013, 56,000 illegal migrants were seized, which means that around 153 people were caught every day! Those numbers include migrants who were found in lorries and others trying to get to the UK by different means.

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