Mobile system speeded up the supply of gas cylinders. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

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Mobile system speeded up the supply of gas cylinders. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

Already a few years ago, Gaspol decided to implement a logistics solution aimed at speeding up and improving the supply of gas cylinders on the one hand and increasing the efficiency of field representatives on the other.

Gaspol is a supplier of energy solutions using liquefied natural gas, network gas and electricity. It has its own distribution network and operates throughout Poland. An important part of the offer is liquid gas cylinders, designed for both households and companies. The offer for business includes specialist industrial cylinders containing pure propane and propane-butane.

Currently, 4.7 million households in Poland use gas in cylinders. Liquid gas cylinders are also widely used in many companies. In order to operate effectively in a competitive market, it is necessary to ensure fast and timely deliveries of products to any location.

Automated deliveries

The principle of operation has been the same and simple for years. Gas cylinders can be purchased practically without leaving your home or office. It is enough to place an order by phone or e-mail and the product should be delivered by one of the field salesmen directly to the customer.

In order to accelerate and streamline the gas cylinder delivery process as much as possible, it was decided to implement the SKK mobile system.

The solution consists of the following:

  • software working on mobile terminals (portable computers);
  • communication software installed on the server ensuring data exchange between terminals and the Gaspol IT system (Microsoft Dynamics AX);
  • portable fiscal printers.

The gas cylinder delivery system is fully automated. Customer orders are entered into Axapta, transformed into orders, then automatically distributed to drivers (retailers) and sent to their mobile terminals.

The SKK mobile system allows for receiving orders and full registration of sales at the terminal level. Each mobile terminal is equipped with a barcode reader and a mobile phone module. Data transmission takes place via the GSM network, which allows for communication from any place in Poland. Each salesman has a mobile terminal and fiscal printer on which receipts, invoices and goods release documents are issued and printed.

The system tells the driver the best way to get to the customer.

The solution is connected to satellite navigation and uses the Automapa app. In this way, it continuously tells the driver which way to go and shows the optimal route. All data documenting order execution and sales flow back in real time from the terminals to the in-house ERP system, Axapta.

The solution supports the work of the sales department in many different areas. Thanks to the system, we have greater control over inventories, gas supplies, order execution and the entire distribution process. Our salespeople have up-to-date information about prices and stock levels of our customers. All data is instantly updated and full information about the volume and structure of sales is available online at any time. This is additional support in terms of financial settlements,” argued Marek Rudnik, sales manager of the Gaspol cylinder division, when he decided to implement the system.

Mobile terminals, printers and SKK application licenses were provided to 350 field representatives of Gaspol.

So the key benefits include:

  • improved control over the entire distribution process,
  • an improved and easier organisation of the work of salespeople,
  •  quick response to customer needs.


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