Roatel opens more container accommodation for HGV drivers in Germany

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Another ‘Roatel' has become available for HGV drivers in Burgenland, Germany near the A9 motorway. Micro-hotel operator Roatel has opened two container-based Roatels with eight rooms altogether near Osterfeld, Burgenland.

Roatel opens more container accommodation for HGV drivers in Germany
Photo credits @ Roatel

Together with TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland, which is providing the space, Roatel has opened two container accommodation points for HGV drivers at the Autohof Osterfeld Heidegrund Süd, in Burgenland, Germany – between Nuremberg and Leipzig.

The eight rooms are all equipped with a shower and a toilet and are meant to provide a safe overnight place for drivers who are not allowed to spend their 45-hour break in the cab of the lorry.

The basic module of a Roatel accommodation is a micro-hotel with four single rooms built into a 45ft sea freight container. The containers are thermally insulated and soundproofed, and air conditioning is provided for individual heating or cooling. Also, a window is built in each room.

The area of each room is 7.5 square meters and the inner height of the containers is 2.50 m, which makes the rooms 30% larger than the average cab size.

The rooms are equipped with a 90 x 200 cm bed, a toilet, a shower, a bench with a table, a shelf, a wardrobe and electric window blinds. WiFi and satellite TV with many international channels on a large screen is available free of charge and unlimited.

One room costs 49 euros for a night.

In addition to another newly opened micro-hotel in Heidegrund (Saxony-Anhalt), Roatels are already available in Löningen (Lower Saxony), Lutterberg (Lower Saxony), Schkeuditz (Saxony), Schopsdorf (Saxony) and in Bremen. According to the company, the opening of a total of 25 to 30 Roatels between Flensburg and Inntal can be expected by mid-2023.

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