Owners of green trucks have been granted a reduction in the HGV Road User Levy in the UK

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Owners of green trucks have been granted a reduction in the HGV Road User Levy in the UK

Carriers who have invested in trucks with the lowest emissions can count on significant discounts since last month.

While road tolls in other European countries are increasing (e.g. Germany has increased toll rates for Euro 6), the British government has apparently appreciated carriers who have invested in trucks meeting the highest emission standard, i.e. Euro 6, and granted them additional discounts, so that from 1 February they are eligible for a 10% reduction in the cost of the HGV Levy.

Euro 6 trucks generate 80% fewer nitrogen oxides than trucks with lower emission standards. That is why the British decided to increase the HGV Levy for Euro 5 and older trucks by 20% at the same time.

Trucks over 12 tonnes registered abroad must pay the HGV Levy before entering the UK (including Northern Ireland). They can pay a rate per day, week, month or year. As we read on the website of the British Ministry of Transport, discounts for foreign trucks are only available for longer periods of time.

Carriers criticize the increase for Euro 5

According to Christopher Snelling, head of the British Freight Transport Association (FTA), this policy change will bring minimal benefits in terms of improved air quality.

It would be more efficient to increase the toll for the oldest vehicles – from before Euro 4 – thus helping to stimulate the market for Euro 4, Euro 5 trucks, which have lost so much due to the requirements of the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and future English Clean Air Zones (CAZ),” said the head of the FTA in a statement for airqualitynews.com.

“Euro 4 and 5 are much cleaner than their predecessors, so encouraging a faster phase-out of vehicles from the run-up to Euro 4 would be better for improving air quality. It would also help companies to cope with the costs of the CAZ scheme,” added Snelling.

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