Photo: Lubuska Policja

Joint Polish and German police action focuses on HGV drivers keeping distance between vehicles

On Monday April 24th, dozens of officers from Poland and Germany cooperated in a joint action that was dedicated to road safety among other things.

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Lubuska Police writes that during the action, “uniformed officers took a closer look at virtually every aspect related to road safety”.

The regional police department from the Lubuskie province added that the campaign utilised modern police cars and motorcycles, as well as “technically advanced equipment such as drones”.

The tech was used measure the distance between vehicles, the speed of vehicles and drivers’ sobriety, as well as to scan for the contents of the transported cargo.

In addition, officers checked lorry drivers’ qualifications, their working time and the technical condition of vehicles. The Polish Border Guards were also on hand to check the legality of HGV drivers’ stay in Poland.

In a Facebook post, Lubuska Police said that the presence of officers from various uniformed services allowed for a detailed look at how drivers comply with traffic regulations.

Moreover, the participation of police from Germany provided another opportunity to cooperare and exchange experiences regarding developments in the border area.

Both police in Germany and Poland have turned to drones before in order to fine lorry drivers for not keeping appropriate distance to the vehicle in front.