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Scania and Daimler Trucks each establish new company for electric truck charging

Two truck manufacturers have announced the formation of new companies to support hauliers in the transition to electromobility comprehensively.

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This week, Scania and Daimler Truck brands revealed the creation of subsidiary companies specialising in electric lorry charging solutions.

Scania has founded Erion, which aims to create 40,000 new charging points for its customers. Through its parent company Traton, Scania holds an indirect stake in Milence, an infrastructure provider for public truck charging stations. With Erion, Scania is taking a further step towards the electrification of transport, intending to install chargers at warehouses and at the premises of customers of goods transported by hauliers.

A study by Traton, Scania’s parent company, indicates that depot charging will be the main source of energy for operating electric trucks over short and long distances in the future. These stations will complement public charging networks.

“The benefits of such a solution are many: predictable charging schedules to ensure vehicles are fully charged, longer operating times, and ultimately maximum operational efficiency and savings through predictable and stable energy costs that are tailored to each customer’s specific operations,” explained the manufacturer.

With this strategy, Scania aims to meet its target of having 50 percent electric vehicles in all its car sales. This will only be possible if the appropriate charging infrastructure is available, which is precisely what Erion aims to create for Scania’s customers.

Research by the Swedish manufacturer, confirmed by pilot programmes with customers, reveals the potential for significant cost savings through advanced charging solutions, potentially saving €15,000 per truck per year.

Erion’s services will include network connection and terminal installation, as well as equipment monitoring and maintenance. Flexible financing solutions will be offered: purchase with or without financing, and leasing with or without a service contract. The new company will initially operate in Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Daimler Truck and TruckCharge

TruckCharge, a new Daimler Truck company, has been established to provide charging infrastructure for trucks across Europe. It will also offer digital and consultancy services available to all customers, regardless of truck brand.

TruckCharge will advise fleet managers and industrial companies that aim to make their supply chains CO2-neutral without needing a truck fleet. The consultancy will cover identifying electrified routes, planning, constructing, and arranging charging infrastructure, financing, or connection to the grid, as well as aspects related to the electric trucks themselves.

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The second pillar of TruckCharge’s business will be the creation of fast charging points. To this end, the company has partnered with Alpitronic, a supplier of ultra-fast chargers. The Daimler subsidiary will offer the ‘Depot Charge’ package, which includes consultancy, material sales, and technical support, as well as financing solutions provided by Daimler Truck Financial Services. Installation will be carried out by qualified Daimler Truck partners.

Additionally, TruckCharge will offer digital services for fleet management and battery charging optimisation.