Several protests of Spanish farmers. Expect serious traffic difficulties!

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Spanish farmers’ associations have announced a series of protests for the coming days. There will be roadblocks of motorways and expressways in several regions of Spain.

Major Spanish agricultural organizations, ASAJA, COAG and UPA, have announced protests against low product prices in the coming days. 

The demonstrations will be carried out on the following days:

– On 18 February, farmers will protest in three provinces. They will strike in the city of Villamartín in the province of Cádiz. In the neighbouring provinces, Cáceres and Badajoz will organize blockades of the following roads: N-432, N-430, A-66, N-630, N-435, EX-104; express A-5 (in Badajoz) and A-5, A-66, as well as N-521 and EX-A1 ​​(in Cáceres). 

– On 19 February, farmers will go with their tractors to Granada, where they will have a march at the Agriculture Delegation and will head to the Neptuno Shopping Center from 11:00 o’clock. In La Coruña, there will be a protest in front of the government building.

– On 21 February, farmers will have an organized demonstration in Murcia. The demonstration will start at the palace of San Esteban and end at the building of the government delegation.

– On 25 February, a protest will be held in Seville. Farmers will block motorways and expressways AP-4, A-4, A-49 and A-42.

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