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Spain will monitor RDC waiting times “to see the current situation”

The General Directorate of Land Transport (Dirección General de Transporte Terrestre) in Spain will shortly begin monitoring RDC waiting and loading times, announced the road freight association Fenadismer.

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Last December, the Spanish Ministry of Transport reached an agreement with road freight association Fenadismer over several measures covering areas including the regulation of loading/unloading at RDCs. One of the biggest wins was that the government agreed to pass a regulation to ban drivers from loading, and the other just as important achievement of the negotiations was the limitation of drivers’ waiting times at RDCs.

Among the measures included in the aforementioned landmark deal was the carrying out of a study of waiting times at loading and unloading centres „in order to quantify the cost of inefficiencies in this area and define what regulatory measures might be necessary”.

To implement this measure and find out the situation of the drivers’ waiting times in Spain, the General Directorate of Land Transport has announced it will start an analytical study monitoring in real-time the current situation at some RDCs. The exact locations where the monitoring will be implemented will be proposed by the transport associations.

This analysis is going to be carried out with the use of a computer application that had already been used previously to measure, among other things, waiting times at border crossings.

Before the agreement with the Ministry of Transport was reached, Fenadismer carried out its own research on this question and found that waiting time can be more than 5 hours in some places.