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Truck drivers will no longer be allowed to observe their weekly rest in their vehicle when in Switzerland. The change in the law follows a vote in the Council of States; 37 voted in favour of the motion, while 8 rejected it.

Swiss MP Bruno Storni, who was one of those supporting the motion, said that the change was required as some professional drivers are forced to spend weeks in their vehicle. He adds that several European countries have already banned weekly rest in the vehicle in order to limit “social under-bidding and unfair competition from foreign carriers.”

Another MP in favour of the move is Stefan Engler, who was quoted as saying “The working conditions of truck drivers should be improved in Switzerland. Prohibiting them from taking their weekly rest exclusively in their vehicle could achieve this goal.”

However, Jakob Stark, who was against the proposal, stated that “many people buy motorhomes and sleep in them”, and that it is wrong to differentiate between people who sleep voluntarily in their vehicle and those who do it for professional reasons. Mr Stark was also quoted as saying he believed “The motion demonizes the driver’s cabs and leads to over-regulation.”

The new rules are scheduled to enter into force on January 1st, 2022, says Switzerland’s Transport Minister, Simonetta Sommaruga.

Photo credit: Trans.INFO


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