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As Brexit is coming closer and closer, the European Union has reached the last act to prepare for the worst scenario. If the United Kingdom leaves the Community without agreement, temporarily road transport will be based on the existing rules.

No-deal Brexit’s seems more real than ever. Britain will probably leave the European Union on 12 April, which is why Brussels has finished its preparations this week. On Monday, 25 March, the European Council approved the European Commission’s proposals on ensuring essential communication in road transport in the event of hard Brexit. The Council adopted a number of legal acts, one month after the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) had supported them.

The most critical information for carriers is that, according to the EP, road transport will remain unaltered until the end of 2019. The same applies to rail and air transport.

However, there is one condition: the United Kingdom must ensure complementary practice for businesses and operators based in the European Union.

According to this regulation, social and technical rules of the EU regarding drivers and vehicles must also be adhered to. Fair competition between operators from the Union and the United Kingdom should also be ensured.

The measures adopted by the Council are aimed at avoiding distortions with a catastrophic impact on the EU and British transport market.

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