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The following German federal states re-introduced truck bans. Restrictions return also on the Catalan route from La Jonquera

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According to the latest information provided by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), there are Sunday and holiday traffic bans in force in the two federal states as of 1 July. Interestingly, in one of them, holiday traffic restrictions were suspended.

As of 1 July, holiday and Sunday bans on truck traffic in Hessen and Baden-Württemberg will apply, according to the latest BAG release. The road situation in these regions, as in Bavaria, Berlin and Saxony, is back to the pre-coronavirus level. However, with a small exception. The Baden-Württemberg government has decided to suspend the summer traffic restrictions until 31 August. 

As a reminder, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the following federal states in addition to Baden-Württemberg decided to relax the holiday ban on trucks:

– Lower Saxony, – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, – Rhineland-Palatinate (here the bans are exceptionally suspended until 29 August), – North Rhine-Westphalia, – Saxony-Anhalt, – Schleswig-Holstein, – Thuringia.

Restriction in Catalonia restored

In mid-June we reported on the resumption of traffic bans on some Catalan roads. At that time, the restriction was not yet restored on the border section of N-II between 773.5 km (La Jonquera) and 709 km (Fornells de la Selva). However, the ban has already been resumed, so trucks crossing the Spanish-French border in La Jonquera must head for the AP-7 toll motorway. 

Bans for trucks

Photo: Trans.INFO