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Atlantis, the autonomous and electric tractor illustrated below, is a visionary concept of two designers from Moscow, Roman Dolzhenko and Dmitry Voronezhtsev. It is very interesting for one reason.

The vehicle is packed with modern technology and has, like all modern wonder designs, a futuristic, streamlined shape. What is so unusual about Atlantis? Its engine, battery, autopilot, communication and control systems are mounted on a three-axis base. The trailer is mounted on a single axle with a large wheel (and we don’t know why). Another striking thing is the lack of a cockpit.

Although the truck is quite unusual, it is certainly not intended for Russian roads, yet it certainly would have no problems with manoeuvrability. Nonetheless, the designers’ vision is inspiring. All you have to do is understand how loading and unloading works, and you can feast your eyes on the truck.


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