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European carriers are not the only ones facing staff shortages. In the United States, too, transport companies are struggling with a shortage of drivers and are trying to increase the attractiveness of the profession.

Remuneration of truck drivers in the United States increased last year by as much as 10% on average and reached about $60,000 a year (approx. 52 800 euros). This is based on information provided by the National Transportation Institute, which was established in 1995 in order to provide accurate and reliable information for and from the transport sector. Behind this – the extremely high wage increase – is the lack of personnel in the transport industry and the attempt to make the profession of a truck driver more attractive.

This is certainly a natural reaction of the market to the shortage,” said Bob Costello, vice-president of the American Trucking Association, in an interview for GPB News radio.

Currently, there is a shortage of about 60,000 truck drivers on the American market, and according to ATA estimates, this number may increase to 100,000 over the next few years.

Pay rises are not enough

According to Bob Costello, increases alone are not enough to reduce the workforce gap in the industry. That’s why most companies are already trying to encourage candidates for a trucker with additional benefits. Pension funds, private health insurance, paid holidays have already become a standard in the industry. In addition, many carriers promise bonuses for signing a contract, employee referral or long-term relationship with the company. Some also offer online training for candidates for drivers.

Retail giant tempts by offering high rates

Walmart offers truckers a much higher salary than the average 2018 wage. Since February this year, drivers of this company are to earn an average of $87,500 a year (about 77, 000 euros). In addition, Walmart truckers can enjoy stable working hours. At the beginning of February, the company announced a new policy on paid time off, which gives employees more flexibility.


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