Trans.INFO – more than an information service. The year 2022 in numbers, and changes in 2023

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The war in Ukraine, inflation, economic slowdowns, increasing costs of doing business, the EU Mobility Package - it these themes that both the transport & logistics industry and business owners in general will remember 2022 for.

Trans.INFO – more than an information service. The year 2022 in numbers, and changes in 2023

2022 in numbers

Last year, the editors of the Trans.INFO website constantly monitored and reported on the current and most pressing developments in our industry – providing proven and reliable information from the world of transport.

In 2022, our team of journalists and editors published as many as 9,200 texts in 7 languages! Visitors have also been flocking to our website with record-breaking intensity. Over the last 12 months, Trans.INFO was visited on average by 1.42 million unique readers per month – thank you!

In addition to this, we have created and published as many as seven Transport Managers Magazines in three languages . The magazines all contain around 100 pages of insights, analysis, interviews and legal advice. In each magazine, the content was tailor-made to each audience, always with the aim of providing reliable information about the TSL industry in Europe.

If you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, they are available here:

Editions of our Polish-language magazine

Editions of our German-language magazine

Editions of our Lithuanian-language magazine

A record number of readers, as many as 70,000 persons, downloaded the second 2022 edition of the Polish-language magazine. I welcome and encourage all Polish speakers to read it!

The past year was also a period of very intensive development for Trans.INFO in the context of building business partnerships. Together with our clients, we organized as many as 12 webinars with experts, in which the most important issues and problems facing the industry were discussed.

In total, as many as 10,400 people took part in these events. Each of these meetings has been recorded to allow our users to take advantage of them on-demand. They are all available in the “Webinars” tab on the Polish-language-edition of our website.

What are we preparing in 2023?

New year, new Trans.INFO? Well, we are preparing some changes for our readers, changes that will only be for the better.

For some time, we have been working quite intensively on developing the visual part of our website to make it more more user-friendly and easier on the eye. The details of this metamorphosis will soon see the light of day.

Moreover, at Trans.INFO we believe that, as an industry media platform, we should, on the one hand, provide up-to-date information, and, on the other hand, educate our readers and provide them with access to knowledge in various languages.

Last year’s outbreak of the war in Ukraine shocked us all. Trans.INFO readers from the territory of Ukraine amounted to as many as 1.1 million people last year. It is the 4th highest audience in terms of the share of visitors coming to Trans.INFO. That is why we have made the strategic decision to prepare something especially for these readers in the coming months by providing content in their native language. We want it to be our expression of solidarity and help for those who need it. We will provide more details on this development soon.

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