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Earlier this week at a motorway junction just south of Bremen, a truck shed 55 crates of Becks, resulting in countless smashed bottles and many, many litres of wasted beer.

According to the road police operating in the area, the accident was caused by the truck’s 53-year-old truck driver, who drove too fast when exiting the curve in the road. Then truck then hit the guardrail, causing dozens of crates to fall out of the truck onto the motorway. An secure load also played its part. 

Incredibly, local news website reports that the driver initially ignored the accident and drove on. However, he was eventually arrested by the police.

As a result of the accident, the section of road linking the A1 to the A28 was closed for about an hour.

The police estimate the damage at around 2,000 euros. The driver is now being investigated for fleeing the accident and insufficient securing of the load.

Photo credit: Polizei Delmenhorst


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