Trucks with pantographs will be on the roads in Hessen. The motorway should be quieter but it is not. Why?

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Trucks with pantographs will be on the roads in Hessen. The motorway should be quieter but it is not. Why?

From now on, trolleybus-like trucks will be driving on the busy highway in Hessen. They are to be eco-friendly, quiet and cost-effective. However, there are already first complaints from residents about e-highway in another federal state.

On the busy section of the German A5 between Langen / Mörfelden and Weiterstadt in Hessen, a special overhead contact line was built to charge trucks equipped with smart pantographs. Today, Germany’s first pilot project called “Elisa” (an abbreviation for German words for electrified, innovative motorway truck transport) is launched, under which trolleybus-like trucks are tested in real-world road conditions.

The Elisa project will collect data that may be relevant to the development of the traction system throughout the country. The tests will last until the end of 2022.

It is assumed that transport by vehicles powered by electricity from the overhead contact line will be quieter, more economical and less harmful to the environment. The electricity supplied to electric trucks comes from renewable energy sources. In this way, it is possible to reduce the level of pollution by up to 95%.

Similar tests will start soon on the A1 in Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg.

Noise from the masts?

This solution, apart from significantly lower emission of exhaust fumes, was supposed to improve the quality of life of the local residents. Electric trucks are much quieter than those powered by an internal combustion engine.

Unfortunately, Germans living near the e-highway in Schleswig-Holstein complain about the huge noise from poles and traction generated by the wind.

“With strong westerlies, it was like a marina. Completely new sound qualities,” explained Hans-Georg Smak from Groß Wesenberg to the portal Masts and wires resisted strong winds and increased noise like organ pipes – we read on the portal.

The Ministry of Economy and Transport does not have any research on noise emissions on the e-highway on the A1. However, they will certainly be done as soon as the trolleybus-truck tests start there. Then it will also turn out whether this solution is likely to prove itself in the whole country, or whether it is another bad idea of engineers.

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