Uncertainty offers opportunities

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Uncertainty offers opportunities

Can you respond efficiently in a period of Uncertainty? 

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”  (The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle, by Steven Pressfield).

Leaders are conscious of the various potential threats around the world, likely to occur soon:

• The decline of Economic growth in China and other economies.

• A recession in the United States.

• Natural disasters that are significantly disrupting commerce and manufacturing centres.

• Military or trade conflicts are disturbing the availability of natural resources.

Decisions we take will impact our lives as well as the lives of others. Office urgencies arise out from nowhere and the Uncertainty that tortures every day invades our decision-making and pushes us to get used to the anxiety of the moment.

What is Resistance? According to the author, it is “that intangible force (or pressure) working against you. It comes by way of fear, anxiety, excuses and every other “thing” that intend to foster growth.”

Resistance resides in Uncertainty; it is your inner voice and could drain you if you let it to domains. Resistance is working against you when you are trying to break a habit; thankfully, Resistance also provides an opportunity.

People with industry know-how, trained to develop a brand, focus on market and trading, follow standard patterns, as all leading stakeholders do. But in times of crisis disrupting your business, you have to act consequently, becoming a disruptor with the purpose to reason and perform differently to grasp the opportunity where others do not.

Studies found that currently, there are individuals with well-established expertise, but who has the kind of personality continually refusing to change their mindset to go along with the new way of doing business. In the long run, they could be significant obstacles stopping the development of your company and co-workers.

How do you make your staff combat that Resistance to change and adapt their mindset to embrace the “new norm”?

First, you have to establish a flowing-constant communication to deliver clear messages of the need to transform your staff mindset for the sake of the company’s goals. Here, some fact and tactics to support your message and convince.

Uncertainty offers a supporting ground

Uncertainty has no rules, guidelines or processes, which means you have the opportunity to make evident new concepts, practices, behaviours, or other possible models that others would not yet consider. Entrepreneurship is the best illustration of this.

For instance, as a start-up founder, you must struggle and uphold yourself for certainty every day, for something demonstrable, your view, brand, and product. BE a model.

Uncertainty calls for commitment

When facing Uncertainty, you have two alternatives: face it, or not; doing it or not, but there is no “try.” An easy-going course is one of slight Resistance—of not doing a thing. Remove that choice, and you only have one left, to DO IT!

Uncertainty uncovers character

Character is who you are. You test your character when there is a disagreement between who you are and the person you want to be. When your choice opposes the demand, the pressure of the moment rises, indicating to capitulate; it is your character that states otherwise.

Uncertainty claims for leadership

You cannot lead the road without guidance. The lack of leadership puzzles business; it looks much like confusion, misalignment and ambiguity. Leadership shows the route and the pace through trustworthy interaction and communication.

Uncertainty requires adaptability

It doesn’t matter how comprehensive or how “perfect” a strategy looks like; it could still go wrong. To adjust the focus to the potential threat of ‘giving and taking,’ every decision you make must be in the light of new compromises and approaches. To adapt, what you need is to get the equivalent solution to the right problem.

Further comments: Business would be seriously affected if any of those scenarios occur in the next months; technology is emerging at an incredible pace, affecting our SCs and purchasing activities. We must overcome Uncertainty to upgrade our digital SC strategy and break our staff’s Resistance towards adapting to changes. This crisis calls to address future challenges through the efficient transformation of our processes.

Are your staff members resistant to this transformation? Are you sending the right messages and leading the change?

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

M: +44 7775 861863

Photo credit: unsplash.com

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