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We can serve consumers not only in terms of the last mile but even the last 15 feet – states Walmart, the American supermarket chain,  that is one of the largest in the world. A few days ago, the company announced that it is launching a new service that allows delivery directly to the fridges at customers homes. As a beginning, more than one million customers of three American cities can enjoy this delivery.

In short, the InHome Delivery service means that customers place orders online and then mark when exactly they want delivery. Then Walmart employees put together the order and deliver it to the customer’s home.

They can enter their clients’ home, as the proud retailer describes the procedure, thanks to the use of „intelligent technology” that will allow them to open the door. Then they pack the order in the refrigerator, under the watchful eye of a camera, located by the supplier. As a result, the customer can watch it online on how their fridge is getting filled up.

Walmart evolves support for the „last 15 feet”

Walmart assures that employees will be trained on how to select fresh products, place them in the fridge and move around the apartment to minimize the breach of privacy. For now, however, there are no details published stating what this exactly means.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of the development of services related to the „last fifteen feet” service. Still this year, the chain wants to ensure that couriers will also be able to pick up goods to be returned after filling the refrigerator. The consumer will only have to leave them at the previously agreed place.

So many plans for the future. The currently launched InHome Delivery service will now be available to residents of Kansas City (Missouri), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and Vero Beach (Florida).

Photo: Walmart


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