Wareh.com, a warehouse at your fingertips – even in emergency situations.

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Wareh.com, a warehouse at your fingertips – even in emergency situations.

The Wareh.com platform is designed to help you quickly and easily find and rent suitable storage space. Even in emergency situations.

Just two months ago 12 young companies from several European countries that offer cutting edge and innovative services and products for the TSL industry competed during the HyperLOG conference in the high-profile competition for the best logistics startup in 2019. Participants of the conference for top management from the transport and logistics sector of Central and Eastern Europe chose the winner – Wareh.com. Why does this startup deserve to be appreciated?

The idea was born of a problem. Forwarding and transport companies have constant problems with timely unloading of goods in warehouses.

Imagine this situation: the driver is late at the unloading site, falls out of the queue and has to wait for an empty unloading window. As a result, he will be late at the next locations on the route. What does a forwarder do in this situation? He usually sends a second vehicle to the next loading/unloading site and the company loses money. The more patient ones try to look for a backup warehouse in the area via Google in such situations. Usually with little success. They waste time (on average 3 hours to find it, let’s not mistake it for a reservation) and money. Why? Because in the times of logistics 4.0 and data platformization, the industry did not have a tool at its disposal to find and immediately book a warehouse without intermediaries and without having to make several calls to establish the terms of cooperation.

This is how the startup CEO, Patrycja Rubik, answers the question where the idea for this type of activity comes from, adding that on this storage platform, booking a warehouse is as fast and easy as booking a hotel online (the time to book a warehouse has been reduced from 3 hours to 3 minutes).

Wareh.com has been developed for carriers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, distributors, online shops, in short, the owners, senders and recipients of goods. On the other side, there are companies offering free space for rent.

Wareh.com is, therefore, a solution addressed to those who:

– are on their way and they must immediately leave the goods in a safe place and move on,

– have the goods at their disposal and lack the space to store them or want to reduce the time customers wait for orders by placing the goods closer to them,

– run a transport company and have a warehouse, and could gain new orders for storage and further distribution of goods,

– have a warehouse, provide warehousing services and deal with e.g. distribution of goods, reloading, packing or repacking.

Among the key aspects of interest to the platform-users is safety. In order to be visible on the list of safe, authorized European warehouses on Wareh.com, the warehouse must have insurance. This is not the only criterion for verification. All warehouses on wareh.com with which transactions can be concluded have successfully passed the authorization process, in which the following was checked: whether the company really exists and since when what insurance and certificates it has.

To enjoy the full benefits of Wareh.com, simply register for free

There is no subscription or additional fees for accessing the platform and placing offers. Warehouse owners simply add their warehouse to the platform. It takes a few minutes and the customer will find the warehouse and make a reservation himself, accepting the conditions of receipt and storage of goods, as well as paying for the reservation. If you are looking for a warehouse, just go to wareh.com, enter your location and specify for how long and how many pallets you want to store. The system will show the warehouses that meet the search criteria. Finally, all you need to do is to provide more detailed information about the goods to make a reservation.

Among the advantages of the solution, for those looking for a warehouse, the hosts of wareh.com mention: security of goods, simple and quick search and reservation of warehouse space, instant transactions, no long-term commitments, fees only for occupied space and free access to offers.

On the other hand, owners of a warehouse or free space gain the following: free publication of the offer, its visibility among a large group of potential recipients, the possibility to collect ratings and stand out from the crowd, presentation of certificates and insurance, optimization of work (through the option of defining time windows, conditions, differentiating rental rates for short and longer terms, offering additional services).

Access to the platform is free. Each warehouse sets its own individual rates. The unit of measure is the pallet space. Warehouse determines the rate for pallet space and handling, i.e. additional handling of goods, differentiating the rates depending on the length of the rental period chosen by the customer.

We already have about 6,000 warehouses from all over the European Union on our platform. Some of them are undergoing authorization, and some of them already offer instant transactions. These are both large and smaller companies. The platform is used by carriers and freight forwarders. They often say that wareh saves lives in emergency situations. From the very beginning, logistics operators have also been with us. They realized that wareh.com can facilitate and optimize their work and help them to easily acquire new orders. The most important thing for us is that users who have obtained their first orders or solved burning problems through wareh.com come back to us for more. They feel that it is easier, faster and safer with us,” concludes Patrycja Rubik.


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