Four times more empty runs in Germany. Carriers call for toll exemptions covering empty routes

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The Netzwerk Logistik Mitteldeutschland network, which brings together transport and logistics operators from central Germany, alerts to the increase in empty runs. As part of a support for transport companies, it expects exemption from tolls for empty runs.

Members of the Netzwerk Logistik Mitteldeutschland network are counting on government support for the carriers, which during the coronavirus pandemic more and more often perform empty runs. Due to the production stoppage in many German factories (especially those in the automotive sector), the demand for transport services has clearly decreased, which has resulted in their prices falling by even more than 50%, according to German transport portals.

As a result, it is also much more difficult to find cargo for the return route in Germany, which results in increased costs. According to the carriers from central Germany, the share of empty runs is already 30-35%, i. e. four times more than before the pandemic.

All this together puts medium-sized transport companies in an extremely difficult situation. This is why Netzwerk Logistik Mitteldeutschland calls for trucks that go empty to be exempted from the German toll. 

Many companies in the transport industry have huge problems and urgently need support. If we want to preserve jobs, immediate step is required. Therefore, in addition to the cross-sectoral support instruments, we are calling for a temporary suspension of the toll for trucks running empty, in order to relieve this essential sector of the economy in a targeted manner,” says Toralf Weisse, General Manager of the network, quoted by 

The network also makes suggestions on how such a toll exemption should look in practice. Companies would report empty runs and receive a toll reimbursement on this basis but subject to checking the transport documents in the coming months.

The Netzwerk Logistik Mitteldeutschland network, which has been in existence since 2008, includes not only transport and logistics operators, recruitment companies from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, but also city authorities (Leipzig and Halle), regional chambers of commerce and industry, research institutions and universities.

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