Coronavirus: Finland reintroduces drivers’ hours’ regulations; Slovakia extends border controls; Bulgaria introduces a new form

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The Finnish government has decided to reintroduce drivers’ hours’ regulations. Slovakia extended border controls, Bulgaria have introduced a new declaration, which is mandatory for truck drivers.

At the end of May, the relaxation of drivers’ hours’ regulations in Finland, that was introduced on 27 March, will expire. The relaxation will not be prolonged, reports the Finnish Ministry of Transport. This means that from 1 June, Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 on driving and rest times applies completely in this country. 

The ministry emphasizes that the relaxation is subject to approval by the European Commission.

 The Commission is of the opinion that there will be insufficient reasons for derogations in the Member States from June. ” 

The EC points out that freight traffic, for example at EU internal borders, is already flowing and that extending the exemptions would increase the risk of accidents.

Slovakia extends border controls

The Slovak government has decided to extend border controls that would expire on 28 May to last until 26 June. During this period, it will be possible to enter and leave Slovakia only through the following border crossings:

Slovakia – Austria

Bratislava – Jarovce – Kittsee (motorway) 

Bratislava – Jarovce – Kittsee (old road)  

Bratislava – Petržalka – Berg

Moravský Svätý Ján – Hohenau

 Záhorská Ves – Angern an der March (newly opened passage)

Slovakia – Hungary

Bratislava Czunowo – Rajka (highway) – for heavy goods transport over 12 t

Medveďov – Vámosszabadi

Komárno – Komárom

Štúrovo – Esztergom

Šahy – Parassapuszta (for truck transport over 12 t)

Slovenské Ďarmoty – Balassagyarmat

Iators Šiatorská Bukovinka – Salgótarján

Kráľ – Bánréve

Milhosť – Tornyosnémeti [Road No. I / 17] (for heavy goods transport over 12 t)

Milhosť – Tornyosnémeti cesta (road No. R4)  

Slovenské Nové Mesto – Sátoraljaújhely

Hosťovce –Tornanádaska (newly opened passage)

Slovakia – Czech Republic

Svrčinovec – Mosty u Jablunkova

Makov – Bílá-Bumbálka

Horné Srnie – Brumov-Bylnice

Drietoma – Starý Hrozenkov

Moravské Lieskové – Strání

Lysá pod Makytou – Střelná

Vrbovce – Velká nad Veličkou

Brodské – Břeclav (Highway)

Holíč – Hodonín

Skalica – Sudoměřice (new road)

Slovakia – Poland

Trstená – Chyzne

Vyšný Komárnik – Periwinkle

Procedures at border crossing points in green lanes remain unchanged.

New declaration in Bulgaria

From 22 May, anyone who obtains permission to enter Bulgaria without quarantine (i.e. truck drivers entering and passing through Bulgaria) will be required to submit a new declaration to border control authorities, reports the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

To minimize waiting times, drivers should complete a declaration before arriving at border crossing points. A sample in English provided by the IRU can be found HERE.

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