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A consultation cabin, a little bit like a telephone booth, was installed on the A7 motorway at the driver’s rest area on Saint Rambert d’Albon near Lyon. It allows drivers to contact their doctor to diagnose the symptoms of COVID-19, among other things.

In a pandemic, it’s not easy to get medical attention. And the constant movement, common to professional drivers, makes this even more difficult. The solution can be a remote medical consultation, which the said booth will enable. 

It allows every driver (not only French, because trucks from other countries can also use the service for free) to contact a doctor and check their health using the medical devices inside, controlled remotely by a doctor (including a thermometer, stethoscope and blood pressure monitor).

In this way, you can detect the symptoms of Covid-19, such as fever, airway infection or weakness,” reports

The doctor will also be able to issue a prescription, which will be printed out directly in the booth.

More to come?

The booth on the French motorway was set up thanks to the cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Tessan, the equipment manufacturer. If the pilot program meets with much interest, four more booths will soon be available for drivers in France, reports.

The unit itself cannot expose drivers and other users to infection, hence it is equipped with disposable cloths and disinfectant gel. It is also to be cleaned, even several times a day.

Photo: Tessan


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