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Transport organisations from Western and Northern Europe are asking the European Parliament to vote on the Mobility Package before the European Parliament elections in May. According to these organisations, two years from submitting a draft regulation should have been enough time to find solutions to the problems the EU transport sector is facing.

The German BGL association together with the seven other transport associations are trying to pressure the leaders of the European Parliament to vote on the Mobility Package in this term (before the elections of the European Parliament that are going to take place in May).

These transport organisations – the Fédération Nationale des Transports Routiers (FNTR), the Nordic Logistic Association (NLA), the SKAL (Finnish Transport and Logistics), the ALT (Finnish Employers´ Federation of Road Transport), the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies (SÅ), the Norwegian Road Transport Association (NLF), the Danish Transport and Logistics (DTL) and the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) – want the members of the European Parliament to agree on the essential elements of the regulations of the road transport sector.

As stated in the BGL statement,

years of thorough discussions in the European Parliament on the market and social aspects of Mobility Package 1 were enough time to discuss all the complex issues and options in order to find a solution to the problems of the road haulage market. Further discussions will not reveal more options. „

The current outline of the regulations is the result of these debates and constitutes a balanced compromise – at least according to the BGL and the associations mentioned above.

In the letter, carriers from the west and north of Europe turn to the MEPs with the following request:

We need a true European solution now to replace the different national approaches adopted over the past years which make our business become unnecessarily complicated.”

Editor’s comment

For Polish and other Eastern European carriers, we can not talk about a compromise regarding the Mobility Package. It is difficult to find the „balance” mentioned by the organisations from Western and Northern Europe. It is interesting that Western entrepreneurs complain about unnecessary complications in the industry, while the transport sector faces the greatest bureaucracy in these Western countries.

Are these carriers aware that the current form of the Mobility Package is going to cause more administrative tasks?

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