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Fiege has developed a concept to ensure the flow of goods, even if the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread. It’s important because a lot of substances for making drugs are imported from China.

Logistics service provider Fiege has developed a concept for the flow of critical goods in Europe. The company’s objectives are that even if the virus continues to spread, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as food and materials and strategic components for production are to remain available.

To secure the flow of goods in a crisis situation, the operator has designated strategic locations in Germany and Europe, including the Apfelstädt location in Thuringia, Fiege reports in an official announcement.

Our healthcare experts ensure that the highest possible standards are implemented to guarantee the delivery of goods in an emergency,” explains Dirk Berlemann, Managing Director of Fiege Healthcare Logistics.

The locations were selected so as to enable quick delivery. Strategic warehouses are to be equipped with special protective equipment for employees and transport. 

The company secures the delivery of key products and gives customers the ability to store emergency stocks at various locations across Europe so that they can access them should the coronavirus situation become a crisis.

Photo: Pixabay


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