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French decree introduces a derogation in the regulations on driving time and rest period

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Truckers who have been punished in connection with applicable regulations on driving and rest time can count on a derogation. The French government issued a decree, which authorizes to extend the driving time if the fine was issued during the protests of the „yellow vests”. Carriers and logistics companies also summarize losses related to the activity of protesters.

The French government recognized that „the protest disrupted traffic and hindered domestic delivery”. The authorities also admit that many drivers were stuck away from the family and company headquarters due to traffic jams and obstructions related to protests and roadblocks.

Therefore, a decree of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development came into force on December 1, which authorizes to extend by 2 hours the maximum daily driving time and by 4 hours the maximum weekly driving time.

The derogation provided for in the decree applies until midnight December 4, 2018. The document does not specify from when, but states that it applies to the duration of the „national social movement„. The first protests took place on November 17.

400 million euro losses

While the government has bowed to the demands of „yellow vests”, transport and logistics companies estimate losses caused by numerous roadblocks, commuting to industrial zones and fuel depots.

In a joint statement published on Monday, the National Federation of Road Transport (FNTR), the Union of Transport and Logistics in France (Union TLF) and the Union for Road and Passenger Transport UNOSTRA calculated that the losses suffered by the transport sector amount to EUR 400 million.

Many transport and logistics companies are in a dramatic situation that poses a serious risk. In a short time the crisis might translate into a loss of jobs,” states the press release on the FNTR website.

Industry organizations also call for government support. They claim that the police are not able to secure the freedom of movement within the country and that further „forced inaction of transport companies will soon cause paralysis of the entire French economy.”

It is indispensable for the government to quickly implement a support program for transport companies that are not capable not only of providing, but also of ensuring timely delivery. Otherwise, they will be forced to close the business,” comment Jean-Christophe Pic, president of FNTR and Claude Blot, president of Union TLF.

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