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The Hamburg authorities want to make life easier for drivers. The city intends to implement a special solution that will inform drivers about traffic lights at subsequent intersections.

Will the lights on the next two intersections be red or green? Thanks to a special application or system in the vehicle’s onboard computer, it will be possible to check the situation at two consecutive intersections on our route. In this way, the drivers might avoid or minimize the waiting time at traffic lights.

Hamburg has announced tests of the innovative system. For now, they cover more than 60 intersections with traffic lights. If the results of tests are successful, further points will be added by 2020 – informs portal

Information for drivers will be displayed in the onboard system, cyclists can download a special application on the smartphone. Thanks to them, traffic participants will be able to make decisions on the further course of the route. In total, the tool is intended to be operational in 1000 out of 1750 points with traffic lights throughout the city.

Do you think that such a solution will actually improve traffic flow?

Australian patent for truckers’ facilities

A system which extends the green light timing when the truck is passing by is an idea currently implemented by the Australian authorities. In Sydney, for a three-month trial period, a system was introduced that connects trucks with traffic lights. This solution, like in Hamburg, is not only to reduce traffic jams in the city but also to facilitate the driving.

The tests cover about 100 traffic lights located at the most crowded intersections in Sydney, and about 110 trucks will be equipped with a special wireless transmitter.

The operation of the entire system is very simple. When the truck approaches the intersection, the transmitter sends a signal which is detected by the traffic signals. Green light timing is extended to allow the vehicle to cross the intersection.  It is worth noting that during the test period of the system, trucks have the priority on the main intersections.



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