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If a company refuses drivers to use its basic facilities, this British haulier won’t deliver goods to them

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Jack Richards & Son, one of the UK’s largest hauliers have advised that they “will now refuse to deliver to this delivery point” and “will only continue to deliver to it when this ruling has been changed”, reported the UK Haulier.

At Jack Richards we have always believed that drivers should be treated with respect and have access to good and clean welfare facilities” – the UK Haulier quoted the words of Peter Brown, General Manager at Jack Richards and Son.

As we have reported it earlier, many drivers in the UK have been rejected to use bathrooms at loading points, because companies fear their staff would catch the coronavirus from the drivers. The British Road Hauliers Association have expressed its concerns regarding this behaviour.

The refusal to allow basic hygiene for drivers is creating a ticking time bomb for our industry where drivers and anyone they come in contact with will be in greater danger of coming into contact with the virus.” – stresses Martin Reid, RHA Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

 The RHA contacted  Public Health England to ask for an official statement about the situation. 

“This letter is to confirm that there is no public health reason to deny access to toilet facilities to freight drivers (or others) who do not have symptoms of cough or high temperature. At this time, it is particularly important that everyone increases the frequency of handwashing, so access to toilet facilities is particularly important. Please facilitate freight drivers and others to continue to access toilet facilities and handwashing facilities” – can be read in the letter published by the RHA.


Hopefully, the message will be received by the addressed.

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