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In Vilnius, Lithuania, transport companies are starting a protest at 10.00 today, 27 November. The organizer of the action, an association of international road carriers Linaw warns of traffic difficulties. The campaign stages for a funeral convoy will last for several hours.

During the protest, the organizers predict slow trucking in the centre of Vilnius. The convoy will move across the Gediminas prospectus next to the Sejm, in front of the ministries of transport, agriculture and justice, as well as next to the government building. Then the trucks will drive along Olbrachta Gasztołda street (A. Goštauto). Twenty vehicles, decorated for a funeral convoy, will symbolize the funeral of the Lithuanian transport industry.

This is Linaw’s second approach to protest. The first was to take place on 20 November but was cancelled by the organizer. Instead, the association gave the authorities a declaration signed by 279 transport companies.

Lithuanian carriers protest

Lithuanians are protesting because of the authorities’ decision to increase the driver’s pay ratio from 1.3 to 1.65 for the minimum wage, which means increases for employees by an average of 122 euros per month. For employers, this means an increase in costs of EUR 280 million per year. Carriers are afraid of losing financial liquidity and profits, which in combination with high OCP rates and the provisions of the Mobility Package may result in the bankruptcy of enterprises.

Photo: LinaW


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