Here’s a list where to find pro snow removal equipment in Germany

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HGV drivers are obligated to make sure before departure that their vehicle is safe – not just for themselves but also for other road users. This check includes removing snow and ice from the roof of the cabin and trailer when required. With regards to this, a German police department have published a handy list of where professional snow removal equipment can be found at fuel stations and lorry parks across the country.

Here’s a list where to find pro snow removal equipment in Germany
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Flying ice sheets cause several accidents every year and some of these are fatal, therefore, there is a good reason why HGV drivers must make sure before departure that the roof of their vehicle is clean of snow or ice.

This can be a difficult job without appropriate tools, but some lorry parks and fuel stations are equipped with a special construction that makes the cleaning safe and easy.

The Gorlitz police station in Germany has published a useful list of such places.

Download the document HERE.

Safe ways to remove snow and ice from the roof of the vehicle

Some of the HGV parks have special constructions to remove ice and snow from the roof of the trailer and the cabin. This is, of course, is the safest, easiest and most efficient way to clean the top of the vehicle.

However, unfortunately, there is far less equipment available than needed. According to the German automobile club ADAC, another way to remove ice and snow from the truck is to use a roof heater or to shake it off with in-built air channels on the roof.

Unfortunately, not many lorries have such a solution, so drivers usually have to deal with the problem differently.

Nevertheless, under no circumstances should drivers climb on the roof of a lorry or climb a ladder without further precautions, warns the organisation. The ladder must be properly secured so that it cannot slip and the driver should not climb on the top three steps.

If the trailer is empty, the tarpaulin can be raised and shaken from the inside to remove water or snow.

The driver can also use the air suspension on the rear axle to position the trailer at a slight gradient so that melted snow or ice can slip down.

Under no circumstances should hot water be poured over ice sheets, as it freezes even faster than cold water.

Moreover, ADAC advises all road users to keep a safe distance from the lorry driving in front of them. As falling ice sheets fly about 20 to 50 metres far behind a truck. Therefore, if one drives too close to the truck, there is a risk that falling ice will break through the windscreen.

What are the fines for ice and snow on the roof?

In Germany, the Highway Code requires all drivers to make sure before departure that their vehicle is in good condition and can be driven safely. Otherwise, a fine of 25 euros is due.

If an accident happens due to ice or snow on the vehicle, the driver faces a fine of up to 120 euros and one penalty point.

If the accident leads to personal injury or death, the driver is liable to imprisonment.

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