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A Czech-Slovak consortium will take over the toll settlement in the Czech Republic in December this year. It will be necessary to replace the on-board equipment. From now on, you can register for the new Czech toll system via DKV Euro Service.

The current Czech toll operator, Kapsch, will manage it until the end of November. The Czech-Slovak consortium of CzechToll and SkyToll will deal with the toll settlement in the Czech Republic from the first day of December.

As a consequence, the on-board equipment of the Austrian company Kapsch will no longer be operational. Carriers will have to replace their existing on-board equipment, regardless of whether it is pre-paid or post-paid. From September 2, i.e. from now on, it is possible to register in the new system via DKV Euro Service. It is advisable to start the procedure as soon as possible. 

The Czech toll system will also support UTA boxes. According to the company, pre-registration is not required and new toll collection equipment can be ordered from September.

From 2021 onwards, electronic motorway vignettes

Drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 t driving on Czech motorways are obliged to buy vignettes for 10 days, a month or a year. These should be applied to the windscreen of the vehicle. In 2021, the Czechs will introduce some changes – traditional stickers will be replaced by electronic motorway vignettes. The amendment to the law on road tolls was signed last Tuesday by President Milosz Zeman, according to his spokesman Jiří Ovčáček. The government assures that the price of the vignettes will remain unchanged.

Photo: Ministerstvo Dopravy


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