These are the safest parking lots for trucks in Spain

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These are the safest parking lots for trucks in Spain

Drivers and carriers know the problem of the severe parking shortage in Europe more than well. What’s more, safe parking places for trucks on European highways are even harder to find. Below, you can find a list of the 20 safest parking lots in Spain. You will also learn how to find the nearest free parking lot with proper amenities.

This summer, the first Spanish truck parking lot was awarded the TAPA (Technology Asset Protections Association) certification for the high level of security. It is the OnTurtle parking lot (formerly Red Tortuga) in the Catalan town of La Jonquera, named among drivers as Dżanguera. The facility is monitored around the clock by 35 cameras. Some of them are equipped with a night vision device to guarantee security also at night. The parking lot is well-lit and fenced. You can enter its area only by using your own code so that no unauthorized persons can get there.

20 secure parking lots 

The Spanish car insurance comparison site has published a list of the 20 safest parking lots for trucks based on the recommendations of the Spanish department responsible for transport.  

Most of them are located around highways and major national roads, as well as in important logistics areas. They all offer the minimum security measures required by truck drivers, such as fencing and 24-hour security, drive-in control or alarm.

Here is a list of the safest parking lots in Spain: 


  1. Repsol Security Parking Guarroman (on the N-IV national road in Jaen). Parking places for 85 trucks, open 24 hours a day. Guarded, well-lit facility with alarm. In the building, drivers can take a shower, use wi-fi. There is also a restaurant and a hotel with 16 rooms.
  2. Parking BRIN Granada in the economic zone of Juncaril, at Calle Loja, Parcela 120 in Peligros in the province of Granada (access from the A-44 motorway). The car park offers 180 places for trucks (also ADR), with private security 24 hours a day. Parking space can be booked in advance. In addition to a fuel station, drivers can use a cafe, restaurant, workshop, car wash and toilet with shower. Also, the hotel is approximately 100 meters from the property. 
  3. El Cisne service station (Estación de Servicio El Cisne) at A2 in Zaragoza (exit from A2 towards Madrid No. 308). The car park has a total of 62 parking spaces for trucks with 24-hour security and a reservation system. At the petrol station, there is a cafe and restaurant, a grocery store, a car wash and toilets with showers for drivers.
  4. Repsol Security Parking Zaragoza Plaza at Avenida Diagonal Plaza 13 in Zaragoza. The car park is located next to one of the most important logistics areas in the country and offers 50 places for trucks along the route along the A-2 motorway. This is a guarded object. It is possible to reserve a place in advance. In addition to a fuel station, drivers will also find a cafe, restaurant and grocery store there, and they can use wi-fi and a shower. 
  5. Repsol Security Parking Mirabueno on the national road in Mirabueno (province of Guadalajara). There can be 100 trucks in the parking lot. It is guarded 24 hours a day and equipped with an alarm. There is a petrol station with a cafe and restaurant next to the property, as well as a grocery store. Drivers can use the shower and the internet. 
  6. Truck parking at Benavente Transport Center in Benavente (province of Zamora) at A6. The car park offers as many as 140 spaces for trucks and is equipped with security and surveillance measures 24 hours a day. At the parking lot, there is an Avia gas station, workshop, electrical sockets in parking lots and car washes. 
  7. Repsol Security Parking Valdecarpinteros in Valdecarpinteros (province of Salamanca) on the N620 road. The car park can accommodate 25 vehicles and despite its small size meets the Repsol Security Parking safety standards. It is guarded 24 hours a day and is equipped with an alarm system. Like most such facilities, it offers internet and showers. Drivers can also use a fuel station, a cafe and a shop there. 
  8. Repsol Security Parking Fontioso in Fontioso in the province of Burgos on the national road NI. A total of 90 trucks can park in the parking lot. It is guarded and monitored. The place can be booked in advance. Drivers can use a gas station, a cafe, a toilet with a shower or an internet connection. 
  9. Parking for Exit 3 AP-7 trucks in Llers in the province of Girona (exit 3 from the AP-7 motorway towards La Jonquery). This is one of the most important and largest truck parking lots in Spain. It is located near the French border and has round the clock security with police surveillance or certified security personnel. It will provide space for as many as 340 trucks (also ADR). The facility has scales, electrical sockets for refrigerated trailers, truck washing tunnel, laundry room and a restroom for drivers. Truckers who have stopped a truck in the parking lot can use the shower for free. 
  10. Parking lot for trucks at the Can Calderón service station in Sant Boi de Llobregat in the province of Barcelona at A-2. There is a Repsol station next to the car park with 159 trucks. On-site parking can be booked in advance. The car park is fenced, monitored and guarded 24 hours a day. 
  11. Parking lot for Can Nadal Service Area trucks in Lliçà de Vall (province of Barcelona) on the N-152 road. The fenced and guarded parking lot offers a place for 136 trucks. Next to the property, there is a gas station and a cafe, a grocery store, toilets with showers and an automatic truck wash. 
  12. Truck Park Montseny in Llinars del Vallés (Province of Barcelona) at AP-7. Parking for 122 trucks with 24/7 supervision. Drivers can use there a toilet with shower, laundry, electrical outlet or a room to rest. In the MontsenyTruck Park, there is also a fuel station, a cafe and restaurant, as well as a garage. 
  13. Truck Park Porta Barcelona in Castellbisbal (in the province of Barcelona). The parking lot next to the toll road AP-7 can accommodate 56 trucks. It is fenced, guarded and equipped with an alarm system. In the parking lot, there is a restaurant, as well as a store, a small hotel, laundry and sanitary facilities with showers and a place to rest for drivers. The complex also has a mechanical workshop and electrical sockets at parking spaces.
  14. La Jonquera Service Area / Red Tortuga in La Jonquera, i.e. a parking lot certified by TAPA. It can accommodate 73 trucks and is one of the safest facilities of its kind in Europe. In addition, it is equipped with 6 electric points for refrigerated trailers. Also, drivers can relax there in a particular room intended for this, use the services of a restaurant, cafe, shop or hotel, document storage services or rest area for drivers. 
  15. Repsol Security Parking La Jonquera , on the N-II road. The car park at La Jonquera offers 140 spaces for trucks, is protected and equipped with an alarm system. The car park has a restaurant, small hotel, laundry and supermarket, and sanitary facilities with showers.
  16. Repsol Security Parking Albatera in San Isidro de Albatera (province of Alicante). The facility can accommodate 90 trucks and guarantees round-the-clock supervision and lighting. Every vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot is registered. In addition to the petrol station, this secure parking lot for trucks has a restaurant, a grocery store, and drivers can use there internet and toilets with showers. 
  17. Repsol Security Parking Venta del Moro in Caudete de las Fuentes (Province of Valencia). This car park is the smallest of the facilities that meets Repsol Security standards as it has only 20 spaces. It is guarded 24 hours a day. There is a fuel station, and the car park offers catering services and access to free wi-fi, as well as toilets and showers for truck drivers. 
  18. R epsol Security Parking Mérida in the city of Mérida (province of Badajoz). Parking lot with 37 parking spaces for trucks, with 24-hour supervision, alarm and lighting. There is a cafe, shop next to the property, and drivers can also use wi-fi and toilets with showers. 
  19. La Ciudad del Transporte de Molina de Segura in Molina de Segura (province of Murcia). The facility can accommodate 175 trucks and is equipped with barriers, monitoring and is guarded 24 hours a day. It is located next to the logistics centre, which also has a service station, truck wash, workshop and restaurant. 
  20. Parking for trucks Transport City of Pamplona at Plaza de Europa, 3 in Imarcoain (province of Navarra). The car park can host a total of 479 trucks (including 17 for ADR). The place can be booked in advance. The car park is guarded 24 hours a day and fenced. On the premises, drivers can use the services of a gas station, cafe, restaurant, hotel, grocery store and toilets with showers. 

A useful application

It is worthwhile using a tool that works throughout Europe and beyond. The Transparking app not only shows information about free spaces in truck parking lots. It also provides information on amenities (such as shower, toilet, wi-fi) and security (security, cameras) offered by a specific car park. Importantly, thanks to it, you can plan your route by finding parking lots for trucks.

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