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The Spanish General Directorate for Road Traffic (DGT) uses a new method of roadside control. Civil Guard officers move around in unmarked buses in order to catch, among others, drivers using the phone.

The unmarked bus is the new ‘weapon’ of the Spanish services. This type of vehicle offers better visibility than a passenger car, so Civil Guard officers can more effectively detect drivers using the phone behind the wheel or people with unfastened seat belts. So far, unmarked buses can be spotted only in Galicia. The implementation of the solution was preceded by pilot tests. It makes it possible for officers to remain completely unnoticed and thus to catch drivers in illegal behaviour more easily. Each of them is reported to the nearest patrol, who stops the vehicle for inspection, or the patrol moving behind the unmarked delivery van.

During the half-hour-long recording on the new DGT method, officers observed as many as 4 offences.


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