Strike! Italian fuel stations will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday

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Italian fuel station operators have announced a strike from 22:00 Tuesday (12 May) to 22:00 Thursday (14 May). Stations located at motorways and major crossroads will be closed. The operators claim that despite their repeated requests, they haven’t received the necessary support from the authorities.

Local media reports that operators say that there has been a drop in fuel sales (on average 92% less), but the costs for petrol pump operators who were unable to reduce the hours during the coronavirus emergency has been the same. Therefore, fuel station operators ask the government for access to the redundancy fund, non-repayable loans, support for rents and bills.

„La Repubblica” cites the appeal of fuel associations in which they indicate that due to the key nature of the economy, their activities could not be closed, and even failed to shorten working hours or introduce other solutions that would allow any savings. Operating costs are the same as before the pandemic. However, revenues dropped significantly.

Stations operating on motorways are still provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, despite the fact that sales have dropped by 92% on average for over 2 months. ” – representatives of the industry appeal.

Petrol station operators point to serious problems with financial liquidity. To draw attention to their situation, they announced a strike. This is not the first time they have decided on a similar solution. They announced the strike for the first time already at the end of March.

Photo: Trans.INFO