This is how much an average German truck driver earns

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BirdieMatch has released its third wage report for logistics jobs in Germany. The study reveals that truck drivers are needed but not paid as much as they wish.

The shortage of professional drivers is felt by companies not only in Germany but also in the rest of Europe, especially in the Western European states. Some carriers have been taking measures to attract and keep drivers for several years, one of the most common practices is the increase in salary. But, as stated in an analysis of the German portal „the possibility of increasing drivers’ salaries is limited by a collective ceiling at the industry level „.

According to BAG statistics, Germany currently has a lack of approximately 45,000 drivers, but this figure could increase dramatically in the next few years if nothing changes in this sector. 

Surprisingly or not, even in Germany, salaries of professional drivers differ significantly from one region to another; the highest salaries are paid in Munich and Bonn: 2625 euros and the lowest in Saxony. However, drivers are not satisfied with this salary, they would like to get 2,833 euros per month, according to BirdieMatch.

Make the profession attractive

Beyond salaries, carriers are trying to attract drivers – and especially young people – with new initiatives, such as providing training and additional benefits like extra free days in addition to standard ones or even cash bonuses.

No possible solution is ignored here, including those considered by some industry representatives to be „extreme”; one example is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s proposal for refugee training, a proposal that has recently begun thanks to a government program implemented in partnership with the Red Cross.

According to the German media, the association of carriers of Schleswig-Holstein UVL together with the German Red Cross wants to make it easier for immigrants to take the first step towards the career of a truck driver. Together with the SVG Nord school, they organize the initiative „Driving in Your New Future.”

Future drivers will benefit, in addition to driving lessons, and special German courses to help them integrate more easily into new jobs and into society.

However, some German entrepreneurs are not waiting for government support and are already taking action, activating a five-step plan to attract professional drivers in the near future.