He had enough of seeing his friends destroy their health. A trucker created a special training bench.

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He had enough of seeing his friends destroy their health. A trucker created a special training bench.

It weighs just over 11 kilograms and is foldable, so it’s easy to carry. “If the driver is on the loading dock and has 30 minutes or an hour to wait, he can unfold it and start training,” says David Copeland, American trucker and creator of the bench.

Copeland admits that he had enough of watching what a sedentary lifestyle does with his colleagues.

You look at any parking lot you stop at and watch drivers get out of their trucks. And the first thing you notice is their obesity,” he comments.

“As soon as I became a driver, I told myself I had to create something and educate my colleagues about the health problems they were facing,” he adds in an interview with koamnewsnow.com.

Private gym

So he created a small-sized training bench. He has sold more than 300 benches so far but hopes that soon the equipment will be available in every truck.

Will the drivers like this private mobile gym? Time will tell. On David Copeland’s profile, you can already find videos of truckers boasting about how they practice during stopovers.

He’s practising, too. Sometimes very hard. On one of the videos, you can see, for example, how he trains… immersed completely in the pool.

Several dozen percent of drivers at risk!

But you don’t have to work so hard to get the results. Exercises during stopovers may have a real impact on the health of drivers. No wonder, therefore, that from time to time initiatives similar to Copeland’s emerge to remind drivers of this. In Poland, the Truckerslife Foundation is building gyms on parking lots to help drivers take care of their health.

This is necessary, because according to the “II report on the state of health and nutrition of professional drivers”, 68% of the examined drivers are overweight and obese at the 1st and 2nd degree.

Only 32% of the examined truckers had the correct weight.

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