Italy closes nonessential production. What about transportations?

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Italy closes nonessential production. What about transportations?

„We have the most difficult crisis that our country has experienced since post-war times,” said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, announcing that all manufacturing activities that were not necessary and essential to guarantee basic services and goods would be closed. The portal provided a list of industries directly related to transport and logistics that will be able to continue operating.

The stop of production in Italy started yesterday. It is expected to last until 3 April. The document that the Italian Prime Minister signed during the weekend includes measures stating that :

  • all industrial and commercial production is suspended, except for those crucial for the functioning of the country, listed in Annex 1 of said decree,
  • production activities can be continued, if possible with the help of remote work,
  • companies that can continue operating because they meet the key production conditions must contact the prefect of the province in which the plant is located. In exceptional cases, he may eventually decide to suspend the company’s activities,
  • the production, transport, marketing and supply of medicines, medical technologies and medical-surgical devices, as well as agricultural and food products, are allowed.

According to the portal, companies that will have to temporarily suspend their work have from 25 March the latest should stop all elements of their business, including the dispatch of goods from warehouses.

Transport will not be suspended

Italian media has brought examples of industries that will be able to continue operating. As we read on the portal, the operation of the following sectors is guaranteed:

  • medicine and health,
  • transport and logistics,
  • energy,
  • the agricultural industry,
  • banking,
  • postal and financial services.

In practice, this means, among others, that inter-city rail passenger transport, rail freight transport, passenger road transport in urban and suburban areas, road freight transport, maritime and water transport, as well as air transport, can operate. The portal also lists postal and courier services.

On the website, key production activities, directly related to transport and logistics, are listed and can be continued. 

The following automotive related businesses can also operate:

  • maintenance and repair of motor vehicles,
  • wholesale of petroleum products and automotive lubricants,
  • sale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and transport equipment,
  • packaging and packaging activities for third parties.

We will inform you about further changes and regulations.

Photo: Pixabay

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