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Belarus lifts transit restrictions in force during the pandemic

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At the beginning of July, Belarus lifted all road transport transit restrictions introduced three months ago due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local transport ministry reports.

On 19 March, the Belarusian authorities introduced a number of restrictions aimed at minimising the risk of the coronavirus spreading. Drivers were allowed to stop to rest and refuel only in designated places, and leaving such places was forbidden. Moreover, drivers had to leave the country using the shortest route no later than the day after entering Belarus.

On 1 July, in accordance with a regulation of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport, all these restrictions were lifted. Also, there will be no navigation seals installed at the borders on the trucks of companies whose drivers violated the transit regulations in force during the pandemic.

Restrictions on heavy goods vehicle traffic in Belarus

From now on, summer restrictions on truck traffic also apply in Belarus. The ban applies to vehicles whose axle load exceeds 6 t and is only valid between 11 am and 8 pm on days when the temperature exceeds 25°C. 

The ban does not apply to vehicles transporting live animals, flowers, humanitarian aid loads, bituminous and concrete mass, dangerous loads, grains, milk, milk products, etc.